Postingly is not one, but a collection of 4 great products that takes care of every aspect of social media posting and selling. Whether its sharing latest products with fans, engaging fans with informative & trending content, Wall post for making announcements, setting up weekly post schedules or even finding out as to what is the best time to post for getting maximum reach & engagement.

1. Auto Post & Power Scheduler 
Wouldn't it be more convenient that whenever you upload new products to your Web Store, they automatically get shared with fans & followers on Facebook & twitter. Auto Post does exactly that ! You don't have to log into Facebook & twitter anymore as new products are shared automatically on social media with their Photos, pricing & description. And to make sure the updates don't look like coming from a robot, we share Products at regular intervals and with a different caption each time. 
You can also use the Power Scheduler to set up post for the whole week. Postingly helps you save 30 minute of work every day and lets you focus on the work that matters i.e. Making Great Products

2. Content to Boost Engagement & Ready Made Wall Posts:  
Social media is great for selling products & services. But only pushing products & selling all the time turn off fans and decrease page reach. And as we know by now that "People do business with people they like";  so it is wise to share content that fans can relate to and engage with. As fans engage more with your page and like the stuff you share, the chances of having a sale also increases. 

At Postingly, we have managed to put up a huge collection of such content that you can use in one click to engage fans and followers. Our content is powered by humans and not keywords so you would find it much more relevant and worthy of sharing it with fans. 

So if your selling fashion products to women, Postingly content section provides you with latest blogs on fashion, beauty & style. You can also search our ready made Wall post section to get engaging fashion quotes, beauty & fashion tips, inspirational quotes, interesting facts and even announcements. And the best part is that you can brand these Wall post with your logo in a single click. Isn't that sweet ! 
And if want custom Wall post with the exact look & feel of your brand, Postingly can deliver it in just a few hours.

3. Best time to Post
Timing is critical on social media, so we’ll figure out when your page’s fans are online the most and give the option to post during these times. With more fans online at the time of post increase your chances of engagement & post discovery.

4. Facebook Shop
Display all your Web shop products on Facebook in the form of a Facebook Shop. Users don't need to find your site and can easily surf through all the products within the Facebook Shop
Postingly is a complete solution that would save you 22 hours of work every month and would triple fan engagement on social media. Don't wait up, sign up for a free trial today !

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