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Unlock the Potential of your Customer base - the smart way to increase revenue & improve customer engagement


New customer acquisition is expensive for many ecommerce businesses, and a potential customer receives a lot of attention until they have made a purchase. Thereafter, they are quickly forgotten and left alone with their purchased products and potential additional revenue.

Mailbeez helps you to continuously engage with customers through automated email messaging. You can reach out to your customers with individually configurable sequences of marketing messages at natural contact points. With continuous contact care single purchase customers become loyal regular customers.

Increase lifetime value of customers

Engaging your customers after sales means that you can use less time, effort, and money on generating new revenue. Thanks to continuous contact from your store, customers are more likely to recall your store brand and remember you for future purchases.

Create a personalized experience for each customer

Customers don't all want the same things, and don't behave in the same way. So, getting your customers to make additional purchases or write valuable store and product reviews can be challenging. Regularly engaging your customers with personalized messaging enhances the customer experience and increases the chance for conversion - either with a new sale or product review.

Deliver targeted value

Using historical data in your customer base, you can target customers with relevant and timely messaging that converts to more sales instead of broadcasting non-targeted advertising that ends up as unwanted junk mail. Sending automatically generated personalized reengagement emails with coupon offers can boost sales significantly!

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Germany, United Kingdom, United States, North America, Europe

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Get New Customers

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  • Gambio
  • Loaded Commerce
  • OS commerce
  • Zen Cart

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  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian

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