Form Analytics:

  • Automatically calculate form metrics.
  • Abandonment rate.
  • Conversion rate.
  • Engagement rate.
  • Time take to start forms.
  • Time spent in each form field.
  • Which fields are abandonend most often.
  • Which fields are repeated.
  • The order in which fields are filled out.
  • Watch recordings of people who abandoned the form to learn why.
  • Live visitor dashboard.

Real-Time Analytics:

  • Accurate counts of what is happening on your site.
  • Unique visitor count versus the number of browser tabs opened.
  • Top keywords.
  • Top countries and cities.
  • Top referrers.
  • Top pages visited.
  • Real-time related tweets.
  • Cross browser/platform real-time analytics.

Live Chat Software

  • Chat box stays on the page and follows visitor as they browse your site for a seamless experience.
  • User can grant permission for you to see their screen while you are chatting to them.
  • Add customized pre-chat questions.
  • Customizable colors, text, positioning.
  • Multiple chat operators as well as an operator chat room.
  • Operators can have profile pictures and sub-titles.
  • Ability to transfer chat to another operator.
  • See when a visitor is typing and when they have stopped typing.
  • Simple dashboard lets you chat with many people at the same time.
  • Invite a user to chat.
  • Searchable chat logs.
  • Visitor can initiate a live chat.
  • Toggle chat on/off with one click.

Visitor Polls:

  • Ask simple questions with up to 4 responses and comments per question.
  • Quickly gain valuable customer insight.
  • Watch results in real time.
  • Create country specific polls.
  • Show polls on specific pages.
  • Show polls to a random sample of your visitors.
  • Show polls after a certain number of seconds.
  • Instantly add / delete / pause polls without adding any more code to your site.
  • Graph the responses.
  • Searchable log of responses.
  • Export poll data to Google Analytics.

Visitor Recordings & Live Sessions:

  • Watch browsing in real-time or automatically record visitor browsing sessions.
  • See exactly what your visitors did on your site.
  • Ability to chat with visitor while you watch them browse.
  • Watch every mouse movement, keypress, scroll, screen resize.
  • Works with dynamic HTML and member only pages.
  • Saves the HTML that the visitor saw at the time of the recording.
  • Works across multiple browsers / screen resolutions.
  • See mouse paths drawn over the HTML.
  • Watch the visitor’s path across your site and jump instantly to any page.
  • Searchable recordings (recordings can even be searched to see if they include a specific url).
  • Stores visitor keywords, search engine preferences, referrer information with recordings.

Heat Maps:

  • Aggregate lots of click data to form helpful heatmaps.
  • Heat maps based on users’ click patterns.
  • Heat maps based on users’ mouse movements.
  • Scroll-depth heat maps (i.e. see how far people are scrolling down the page).
  • Works with fluid layouts & different browser sizes.
  • Create heatmaps based on date ranges, urls, browsers, location and more.
  • Accurately finds the actual div the user clicked on instead of just using relative mouse coordinates.

Live Visitor Map:

  • Watch a real-time visitor map of all visitors to your website.
  • Map can be animated with custom effects to suit your needs.
  • Plotting and graphing functionality available.
  • Can be viewed in full-screen for use with large monitors or for display in a waiting area.
  • Both simple and detailed map views available.

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