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Actonlytics helps merchants find and connect with an eCommerce solution or agency that suits them best, creating the perfect match between you and your customers.

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How does it work?

Step 1

The merchant signs up to Actonlytics and selects the eCommerce platform or marketplace they are using.

Step 2

From analyzing the merchant's data we can suggest to them actions that will help them improve their store.

Step 3

Each action is matched with solutions that the merchant can use to improve their store.

What's included Basic listing Premium listing eButlery program

Use cases
Show up for relevant use cases

Target countries
Show up for merchants from relevant target countries

Higher ranking
Show at the top of the results in your category

Logo showing in solution finder

Solution description
Complete short description showing in solution finder

Intelligent matching
Respond to need requests by stores

Personalized matching
Personal service in matching your solution with the right customers

Personalized training
Dedicated training on your solution

User insights
In depth insights into your user demographic

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What else?

Sort by platform

Choose the platforms your solution supports, helping merchants easily find your solution by the platform/s they're using.

Sort by use case

Specify what use cases your solution address, such as "Improve checkout" or "Inventory management" to help merchants easily find your solution in our solution finder.

Finding local experts

Add your location to your solution listing helping merchants located near you to easily find you.

Sort by language

Choose the languages you support, helping you target merchants that are looking for an expert or solution in their native language.

Define your target group

Add your exact target group setting it by number of transactions, monthly revenue, average order value etc. to make sure you reach the most fitting auidence.

Consultant service

Have a consultant agency rather than an eCommerce solution? No problem, you can also list your agency in our solution finder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Actonlytics creates a personalized intelligent tasklist from all your data sources and provides support on the tasks.
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