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Engage your customers with Feedify Get high conversion rates with out of the box tools Reduce bounce rate,implement feed forward mechanism


Trusted by thousands of websites worldwide to make the website more intelligent. Feedify gives you some out of the box tools to engage your website visitors, delight them and convert your sales.


Push Notifications

Engage your customer with web push notification. Send unlimited push notifications to subscribers even when they aren't on your website. Display your information on the browser in real time. Send Personalized messages based on geo location of subscribers and gain more click rate and page views.

Visitors turns into subscribers Expand Marketing List - High Opt in Rates Reach to your user when they are not on your website Build a potential audience to market Works for both Mobile devices and Desktop Gives you high click-in-rate and better pageview than an email


-Schedule the Push Notification Messages -Create unlimited Schedule Message Sets -Send custom messages and images -Make it linkable to any page, product, or category -Target subscribers based on geolocation

►►New Feature◄◄

Push Notification Segments: Lets say your store have 10000 subscribers. We can now know that which subscriber have clicked on add to cart, abundant cart, login, logout etc. With segment implementation, we can track that which subscribers are coming into which segment, and based on that you can send personalized push notifications.

Following segments can be implemented:

-Add to Cart -Registration -Login -Logout -Specific Product View -Specific Category View -Specific Page View -Specific Product Search

☛ Please contact us to to implement segments, after you Install the app


Feedify brings to you brilliantly designed surveys that can be scheduled and automated based on the user base interaction. Helping you achieve effortless marketing automation that can be iterated and adapted in real-time.

Visitor's Feedback

Giving your customers the the ability to interact in a first hand format, Feedify Feedback tool can be placed on your website with a subtle yet targeted approach. You can create different form as per departments.

After Sale Feedback

A great salesman is one who keeps their customers happy! Feedify helps you do just that with our Sales After Feedback tool. Generate crisp and to the point feedback forms that can be sent to the customer directly on their email.

You can make events targeting customers based upon: -Devices -Operating System -Browser -Returning or New visitor -Display Frequency -Geographic location -Display event Traffic Source -Time delay -Scroll Based event display -Even Schedule

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