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Name of your solution: Crowdio Live Chat & Agent Services

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Convert your store visitors into clients by chatting with them yourself or by using our skilled agents 24/7.


Crowdio ensures that you will never miss a conversation with your online visitors! Use our free forever chat technology to talk to your customers yourself, and complement your service with our trained freelance agents to ensure a steep increase in your sales leads.


Unlimited chats

We have no limits as to how many chats you handle.

Unlimited internal agents

Add as many of your colleagues as chat support agents as you want.

Proactive chat start

Welcome your customers and proactively start a dialogue with them, using our powerful online behavior settings.

Customizable appearance

Customize the chat box colors and language so that your interface looks impressive on any device.

Mobile apps for iOS & Android

Use our apps for iOS and Android, so you can chat with your visitors while you are on the go.

Easy to install

Our chat function can be installed quickly. All you have to do is copy our widget code and paste it into the right place on your site.

Support for everyone

Free telephone and online support for ALL our customers.

Crowdio Agent Services

Talk to your customers 24/7

Use our trained freelance agents when you are not available and offer your visitors exceptional service around the clock. You decide the price.

Find the best agents

Search our agent catalogue and handpick the best agents for your site, based on ratings given by other companies.

Fixed price for each customer lead

Get hot customer leads from your website delivered directly to your inbox by using our freelance agents. You decide what to pay.

Why use Crowdio?

Sell more!

A customer that has already found their way to your website will most likely already be interested in your product or service. Instead of hoping that they will purchase something, you can actively engage them through the chat function.

Save on administration

It’s quick and easy to get Crowdio chat on your website – it takes 5 minutes and is free. If you already have a receptionist, a sales person or other personnel, you can get them to man the chat. Crowdio also gives you the possibility to hire a Crowdio chat-agent that you pay per lead or completed chat (the wage is up to you).

Generate loyal & satisfied customers

Chat helps you improve service levels with the possibility of direct service and immediate assistance to customers on your website. The main benefit for you is that you can answer customer's inquiries and sell your product or service. In many cases, you can also help customers navigate your website. 

Better customer service

With the live chat software installed, you have the opportunity to save the transcript of every conversation. This helps you be able to read what was agreed upon should there be any problems or misunderstandings, and can be used also for quality assurance and training purposes. 

Minimum price & other pricing options: 

We offer the most flexible and convenient way to pay for any chat service – per answered chat or per generated sales lead. There is no minimum or maximum price. You decide yourself how much you are willing to pay, and you pay only when the chat is done, and the sales lead is safely in your inbox.

***For companies that sign up through the Itembase app store Crowdio will give free chat technology and unlimited internal agents forever.***

Trial period: No trial period.

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