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  • Copenhagen, Denmark
Unified Helpdesk Communications for eCommerce Businesses - streamline your support | improve customer satisfaction | increase your revenue


For businesses that sell online, customers will have questions and need support - no matter what your product is. Fix issues before they become bigger problems and worse yet.. before they become costly refunds. Protect your business reputation, so your customers will recommend you again.

BeezDesk helps you enhance customer experience with multi-channel support, tailored for ecommerce.

Everything in One Place

Collect all communication around customer support in one place. Allows for easier prioritization and redistribution of issues and tasks. Resolve support issues faster and work more efficiently - reducing workloads by organizing information, streamlining workflows, and eliminating manual tasks.

Customer Insights

See history of customer interactions, and quickly track down customer communications about your products and services and address issues that can escalate, or build on opportunities to cross promote your products- giving customers a superior online experience.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Many customers complain about non-responsive customer service. this experience leads them to cancel a purchase, and take their business elsewhere. Increase customer satisfaction and reduce complaints with increased responsiveness to inquiries through a rules based support system that allows you to respond fast and deliver attentive help to customers before, during and after sales transactions.

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3000 EUR

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Better Customer Service

Compatible with

  • Gambio
  • Loaded Commerce
  • OS commerce
  • Zen Cart

Supports languages

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian

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39.00 EUR