How To Claim A Need Request

As an Actonlytics partner, you have access to needs from merchants and in this short guide, we will explain to you how you can claim these needs and submit your solution’s or agency’s offer for consideration.  

Step 1: Log in to Actonlytics

First things first, log in to your user account. If you forgot your password, you always have the option to restore it by pressing on the “Forget password” link.

Step 2: Proceed to “Need requests”

At the top of the webpage, you can see a menu with a link to our “Need requests” section, which you want to visit.

Step 3: Apply filtering

Once you visit the “Need requests” page, filter your needs by clicking on the “Filter my platforms and categories” button located at the top of the page. This way we can show you all the solutions you could claim that are relevant to your specific criteria.

Step 4: Select a need

Once you’ve filtered the needs list, you can now pick the need you want to claim. To do that, simply press the “View” button located on the right-hand side of the chosen need.

Step 5: Submit offer

Now that you are in the “Submit your solution” section, you can see all the important information regarding the store and the need, including platform, need description, budget, urgency etc.

If anything isn’t clear, just get in touch with us by using the “Get in touch” comment section.

You can either use the prefilled offer we generated for you or create your own offer, that can also be saved for later use.

Step 6: Getting in touch with the store

After the store accepts your offer, we will send you the store’s contact information via email for your further successful cooperation.