What is a CRM?

CRM stands for Customer relationship management, a system designed to manage and eventually optimize customer relationships. A CRM solution is a solution that would help you organize all the data you have about your customers, helping you improve your customer relationships.

Among the tasks that a CRM solution would help you accomplish is documenting your interactions with customers, automating tasks and tracking your performance.

Why is a CRM important for online merchants?

CRMs are used by many different types of businesses, butfor online merchants a CRM is crucial for keeping track of your sales process, optimizing your sales process and ensuring your customers satisfaction overall.

The ultimate CRM solution would cover the whole sales flow from pre-sales to post sales, guiding you through your marketing efforts, helping you in processing an order, coordinating delivery and offering a system for customer support.

A CRM for online merchants can also be a good way for you to maintain and retain your relationships with your customers. Automating an email to sellers in their 3 month anniversary, or offering a gift when their birthday approaches. These are only 2 examples of the data you can gather through a CRM and use to improve your relationships with your customers.

Keeping your customer happy is alway on the top of your mind, by making sure that support queries are handled in a timely manner you can ensure your customers happiness.

What are the top CRMs available for online merchants?

Here are some of the top CRM solutions available for online merchants: