What is User Experience?

User eXperience (UX) is the perception and response of the user arising from the use and/or future use of the product, system or service.

The effectiveness of lending depends largely on one key factor - user experience. UX-design does not simply imply visual aesthetics of your website. Many people make a mistake assuming that the UX and the user interface (UI) are the same things.

The idea behind a good user experience does not concern the appearance of your landing page, but it concerns whether a user understands properly how to interact with the page.

Why is User experience important for online merchants?

The user experience has a lot to do with user impressions, how they feel when interacting with your landing page etc. The UX designer does not develop the interface of the website, but the experience the user will have when browsing it. That is why if you have an online shop, you want your customers to feel utmost comfortable when navigating your store.

The user experience is made up of many factors. Content, information architecture, and interaction design are only three aspects that are necessary to form a positive UX. Each of these aspects includes its own set of processes and requires an understanding of the feelings and behavior of users.

Here are some of the top user experience solutions available for online merchants: