What is transaltion? 

Translation is a process of translating the content of your store into a different language.

And one of the key activities in the development of an online store is its translation into the language of your target audience. Since 90% of all online shops support only one language, the translation of websites is becoming an increasingly relevant service.

Why is it important for online merchants to translate their website?

In the case of an online store, your website is the only platform your customers will interact with, and therefore, it should cover the maximum number of prospective buyers.

Translation of site pages into one or more additional languages ​​will do the following:

  • Make your business appear international and thus reputable in the eyes of clients and buyers;

  • When seeing several language options on your website, visitors will be aware of the seriousness of the company and its high status;

  • Attract more foreign clients.

  • The availability of multiple languages on your website site has the potential to increase visits by several times.

  • According to research, visitors are more inclined to visit an online store that is providing content in their native language.

Below, you can find some top translation solutions available for online merchants: