What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of activities for internal and external optimization designed to help a website rank better in the search results on specific user requests. SEO is needed to increase the amount of network traffic (for information resources), the number of potential customers (for commercial resources) and a subsequent revenue generation of this traffic.

While in the past years, the Internet was used primarily for finding information, today the situation has changed dramatically. The constant increase of Internet users, new technologies (communication with the target audience via a website, online payment systems etc.) and many other factors have turned the Internet into a powerful marketing tool. For example, the boom of online stores is a clear indicator that Internet technologies that are skillfully used bring stable profit to website owners.

Why do online merchants need an SEO optimization?

If you are an online store owner, then your website should bring and attract potential buyers. Otherwise, its existence is meaningless. Here are a few examples as to why an SEO optimization is a must:

• A non-optimized website brings minimum number of visitors, which means your sales revenue will be low;

• An SEO optimization is aimed at attracting traffic, that is, visitors who are likely to become clients of the company;

• An SEO-optimization covers a set of measures aimed at promoting a website so that in the end, you acquire a stable ranking in Google search results;

• An SEO-optimization might be quite expensive, but it yields fruit and pays for itself in the long run.

Below, you can find some top SEO solutions available for online merchants:

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