What is Localization? 

Localization is a translation of a site into a foreign language and its adaptation to a specific language environment. It is necessary that the site is understandable, accessible and close to the intended audience.

Localization of a website goes beyond simple translation tasks. The task of the translator is to translate not only the content posted on the site but all the headings of navigational menus, etc., strictly adhering to the format, the number of characters and other requirements that the web programmer has formulated for them.

How is localization different from a regular translation and why do online merchants need it?

  • Localization covers the process of translating and refining the elements of web pages that are not visible but are vital for proper ranking by search engines allowing visitors to easily find your site;

  • Localization of a website implies a complete refocusing of the website from one target audience to another;

  • Localization involves the introduction of changes in the design, structure of the resource and more;

  • Localization provides cultural adaptation to the standards of a new audience.

Below, you can find some top localization solutions available for online merchants: