What is customer service?

Customer service is a crucial part of any business’s success. It’s your chance to build your customer relationships and build your brand name. This is what will ensure your brand’s reputation and ensure you keep your customer retained.

Customer service is expressed in multiple ways, from the way you answer pre-sale questions, to the way you go about processing the sale to the way you address any post sales concerns your customer has.

Why is customer service important for online merchants?

Customer service is a crucial aspect of running an online store, as multiple factors depend on it including brand reputation, sales conversion rates and customer retention.     

Let’s start with your brand reputation, this can be a review left for your shop on social media, or feedback left for your store on an eCommerce marketplace. Great customer service is what would help you protect your brand name and even make it work for you, standing out in your level of service.

Your sales conversions are also highly dependent on your level of service. Answering buyer queries promptly and to the point will also help you in closing a sale and establishing an early on a good relationship with your buyer.

Lastly, your level of customer service is what would get your buyers coming back to your store. Which is why customer service is also a marketing tactic, as it’s what can drive up your revenue and sales, without you having to invest more in getting new customers to your store.

What are the top customer service solutions for online merchants?

Here are some of the top customer service solutions available out there:

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