What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a set of marketing techniques based on the creation and/or distribution of information, which is useful to the user in order to gain trust and attract potential customers. Content marketing involves the preparation and dissemination of high-quality, relevant and valuable information which indirectly convinces the audience to use a particular solution or make use of a certain service.

Content marketing is highly advantageous, as it effectively attracts users’ attention, helps gain credibility and unobtrusively promotes the product or service on the market.

There are many ways you can distribute your content. For example, you can do so via other websites, blogs, social networks, traditional media, books, magazines, printed or online news publications, newsletters, podcasts, seminars, webinars, conferences etc. The purpose of the free distribution of information is not to advertise specific products or services, but to inform consumers about the general situation and possible solutions in a particular market segment.

Why do online merchants need Content Marketing?

Content marketing allows you, as an online merchant, to achieve various goals, such as create your brand image, increase direct sales, introduce consumers to fundamentally new products or services and promote them to the market.

Below, you can find some top Content Marketing solutions available for online merchants: