What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the tools of Internet marketing that can be defined as a method of promoting a business online in which the partner receives a reward for each visitor, subscriber, buyer and/or sale, made due to their efforts.

You can start selling someone else's product without having to actually create something on your own. All you need to do is simply place an affiliate link on your website.

A great way to start affiliate marketing is to learn how you could drive as much traffic to your website as possible.

Why do online merchants need affiliate marketing?

As a merchant, you will be able to make some quick profit without making any financial investments or putting in great efforts. In addtion, affiliate marketing often allows you to see certain metrics click-through rates as a result of a customer who viewed an affiliate web page. In addtion, you will get quite a lot of exposure: by investing into affiliate marketing, you can have your product or service exposed for the entire world to see.

As for your customers, if the partner's website is relevant to your business, then potentially your visitors will be interested in it and they will find your store to be a great aggregate of useful services/products.

Below, you can find some top Affiliate Marketing solutions available for online merchants: