A daily list of actions that help grow your e-business

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Your Data Holds the Answers

The answers for how to improve your business are hidden within your data
and Actonlytics can find them for you.

Find what's hiding in your data

Actonlytics discovered that some of our product titles were too short, and this affected how they show up in the search results.

Introducing Prescriptive Analytics Say Goodbye to Diffuse Charts

Fancy analytics graphs are nice to look at, but hard to act on.
Actonlytics makes your data understandable.

No complex graphs,
just actions to
work on

Get a customized
and prioritized
task list

Manage all your shops and marketplaces in one tool

For each action, you get details and suggested solutions

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Actonlytics supports you in All Aspects of Your Business

Actonlytics analyzes all that's happening in your shop to make sure all is well.
Whenever it detects something you should act on, it lets you know.

Product information
Customer care
Shipping performance
Best sellers
VIP customers
Business KPIs
Returning customers
And more...

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Actonlytics not only monitors, but Suggests How To Solve Issues

Every issue can be handled in different ways.
For each action, Actonlytics suggests:

Suitable and compatible apps

A list of professionals that offer consulting

Innovative solutions you can implement yourself

Solve your issues now

Actonlytics is compatible with All Major E-Commerce Players

We are continously adding integrations to more platforms, marketplaces and marketing tools.
Is there one we're missing? Let us know.

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